Great Tech Gadgets for Parents

For those of you who parents who are looking for help in the form of tech gadgets for parents, so you are in the right place. These are a couple of top tech gadgets for parents that will help you as parents to do your job much easier.

Pacifier Thermometer

This is the old fashioned way of perfect antidote in order to take temperature of your baby. The real fact is that the pacifier thermometer is perfect stuff so you do not have to deal with kicking legs. And also this is the perfect way in order to see your baby whether he or she has fever in the middle of the night or not and you do not have to undiapred or undressed your baby. This a must have device because it will not disrupt sleep.

mamRoo Swing

For those of you who ever bring your baby in the car and drove around while you want to make your baby sleeps while in the road mamRoo swing is the perfect tech gadgets for parents that you have to own. This is a chair that will bounce and swing your baby. This is the perfect device that will help your baby to sleep. There are five different movement settings that are offered by tis chair. This device will make your little one soothe.

Video Baby Monitor

A couple of people say that audio monitors will be the perfect addition. For those of you parents who just have baby for the first time and you want to monitor your baby or for those of you mother who want to close watch your little one on by using your phone while you are at the office, a video monitor is the perfect thing that you have to own.

Breast Pump

For those of you nursing mom, breast pump is the most important thing for you. Breastfeeding is the perfect experience for mom, but a couple of things can be so confused when you have to leave your house for a couple of hours. But you do not have to rush home because you can use breast pump to store freshly pumped milk in your refrigerator.

Baby Shusher

When you find your baby cries, as parent you probably will do a couple of tricks in order to make him or her soothe. The baby shusher is the devices which will make your baby shush. It will help to stop your baby from crying.

Simcity Buildit hack simcash and simoleons without jailbreak and root

Simcity Buildit hack simcash and simoleons will give you unlimited amount of Simoleons and Simcash. We know that both of them are important for this game because we can run a city without them. Although it will be unlimited, it means that you need to use the resources logically or not too rude. If you have no good manner in building your town, it will be easier for the EA’s team to detect your account and ban them forever. For examples are that you can just pay the debts, make necessary building or maintenance your city periodically. Using the gold for a week is better than you complete it all just for a day.

The use of Simcash is also important as same as Simoleons. That is why we include this feature inside this Simcity Buildit hack simcash and simoleons. Simcash is used for accelerating the progress of your building in the city. Moreover, there are some good items in Simcity Shop which you can buy through the Simcash. Unfortunately, you have to convert your real money into this currency instead. This is what we have complained so far. In other words, you must pay to get premium features, right? By using our hack, it will be free and unlimited and your game will be as same as other players who paid the premium features that we have talked about.

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About the compatibility of this hack, we have to ensure you that your device is able to play SimcityBuildit game. As long as you play it through your mobile phone, there is no problem to use our hack. Once again we inform you that this hack is only available via internet or online. It requires your IP address and email to make the program running in the air. Please make sure you get proper internet access when you are using our Simcity Buildit hack simcash and simoleons.

Tips of Winning War Games

What kind of things that you like to do when you are in your leisure time? I believe that you have a certain kind of hobby that you like to do and you will do in your leisure time. Let’s say if you are such a person who really love to spend your time in front of the computer, maybe you like to spend your time by playing a video game. Is that true? If you are such a player, you will commonly play a game in your daily life. A video game will be a familiar thing in your life and you will try to do a lot of way to play a game that you love. Well, have you ever played a war games for instance? If you are a newbie in war games, you do not need to be worried. Here are some of the tips of winning war games that you need to know.

There are many kinds of war games that you can play. One of them is casino war. This is such a famous games. Do you know this game? This game is very famous and you will never regret to play this game. If you are a newbie for playing this game, do not worry. Here are some tips of winning war gamesthat you can practice. First, you should always go to war. Keep this rule on your mind, if you go to the war on a tie, you will have the chance 50 percent to win the game, but if you surrender, you will lose for about half of your bet.

Second, please keep in mind that you should not make a tie bet. You should remember that most of casinos will offer you the option to bet on in which your next two cards will tie or not. So, you need to be careful in considering this kind of condition. Third, you also need to watch for the ashes. Aches here is the highest level of the card in the game and you can only use it for only win or tie. Next, set a time to walk away. Try to keep in mind to set your strategy when you have to end your game if you think that the possibility to win the game is low. Well, those are the example of the Tips of winning war gamesthat you can try to play. Remember that you need to set your own strategy in playing the game.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack and Considerations before Using

Playing game with attractive graphic is everyone’s dream. The problem emerges when you know that the game is not free to step into further level. This is quite annoying. Moreover, many top players with unbelievable weapon exist. This is why you rely on Pixel Gun 3D Hack to step into the top player list. Before knowing about this hack, it is better to see the brief introduction about Pixel Gun 3D.

To put in simple explanation, this game is about killing and shooting. You may familiar with prominent shooting game which the character acts as soldier and destroy the enemies. This is similar but in different graphic. The game uses pixel mode, so the characters and environment look like square shape. Besides, the weapon, enemy, and items are in the same style. To play this game, you may invite friends for playing in multiplayer mode. Keep in mind that this mode might be teamwork to kill enemy or destroy each other. It depends what you choose. The weapon is gun along with its variation. Another weapon is knife to deal with unfriendly zombie. Now, you already get the picture about this game. Moreover, you need more concern before implement hack tool.

The main reason to use Pixel Gun 3D Hack is to get unlimited resource. You cannot be the top player with just standard gear purchasing. In this game, customized weapons which require money is gems. Besides, developer creates skin feature which is more interesting to make fancy character design. You still need hack to deal with it. As stated earlier, player is able to battle with others. You cannot afford to lose just because lack of weapon. Your enemy comes with latest and sophisticated gears. Of course, the battle is imbalance and you will be defeated easily. To overcome this situation, you need hack to obtain resource then upgrade weapon to the most sophisticated one. It is necessary thing to do before you challenge others.

To use Pixel Gun 3D Hack, there are some issues to put in consideration. Hack is not official tool or application, so be careful for malware and virus. It is better to get hack from forum or community that discuss about Pixel Gun 3D. You will see some reviews about hack tool and which one is better to use.

Sometimes, hack is the tool to attract traffic. You do not find anything, so nothing can be used. In this case, you need to rely on trustworthy sources. Unusual things such as many ads and financial registration are the signs for you to be more careful. Well, you should use Pixel Gun 3D Hack wisely.

Find Out What Becomes the Google New Tech Innovation

Technology is so dynamic. There will be a lot of new inventions in this era and we should make sure that we can stay update with all of the innovation. Let’s say with the existence of internet, the barriers are break up. The internet leads to many kinds of new inventions around us. It seems like internet is such a gate for a new invention time. In this case, Google as one of the biggest leading company in internet source always try to find out many kinds of new inventions. Here are some of the Google new tech innovation that you need to know to stay update with the recent changes.

The first innovation from Google new tech innovation is BigDogs& Atlas. Have you ever heard about this before? This is a newcomer for the Google invention. After the Boston Dynamics in 2013, Google unveiled its new dog like robot with the name of Spot. It created for the use of rough terrain and also inside buildings usage. It can wooded hills, run, climbs stairs, or even standing too. Then, the second innovation from Google is Glucose contact lense. Recently Google designed contact lens that has the feature to measure or to determine the level of glucose that in tears of diabetics, like the device  of Band-Aid to be used in the skin and to send the measurement of blood-sugar to a smartphone.

The next innovation from Google new tech innovation is home networking. Do you know about this before? This is such a networking especially related to the internet connection that can be linked to every spot of the home. Let’s say it can be monitor the WI-Fi channels around your house and it will enable you to have the systematic and the synchronal work for every aspect that you want to do in your home with the help of the technology from Google. The other innovation is the no one driving car. Well, commonly here we know that car should be driven so that it can work normally. But here Google has invented the Car that does not need to be operated or to be driven. Are you shocked knowing this kind of condition? It is real and it will be practical for you to have the good transportation solution for anyone who wants to have the easy vehicles. Well, those are some new inventions from Google.

EVE Valkyrie Review: Experience a Great VR Space Combat


Numerous people who have already tested this wonderful game feel like they are not able to play any two-dimensional game ever again. In this EVE Valkyrie review, you will see how mind-blowing the game is. EVE Valkyrie lets you to play as a cloned fighter pilot for Valkyrie, a space pirate gang. When you lose your life, your consciousness is shifted to another clone. You will need a VR to play this game to amuse yourself in a real-time combat experience.

Take a look at the following EVE Valkyrie review.

EVE Valkyrie review: Pros and Cons

When talking about EVE Valkyrie, of course, VR is really used as a great gameplay device. Developers CCP Games really know the knack of a space game. The graphics are magnificent, you can look around your ship and even enemy ships. You will also feel how lasers shoot pas your cockpit. Valkyrie is a great game to play with friends since wingmen are essential in this game, unless you want to be picked off by enemy pilots in a blink of an eye. The most satisfying mode is Carrier Assault, which require you to balance raking the enemy carrier while avoiding being ruined by the enemies around you.

The major concern about EVE Valkyrie is the price. It is quite expensive for the amount of content. The game is brilliant, yet maps scattered across three modes are too expensive for the price. However, remember that you do pay for a whole different space combat experience. Another important issue to cover in this EVE Valkyrie review is the slow progress. The progression is too slow even with the in-game boosters to speed up the XP-gain.

The Three Gameplay Modes

Basically, there are three game modes: standard two-point capture, team deathmatch modes, and Carrier Assault. As mentioned before, the majority of the players favor the third mode, Carrier Assault. This mode asks pilots to knock down an enemy flagship’s shields. Capture points before you go in and thump the shields right away. Beside those modes, there are several single-player missions which you can easily finish in a few sessions before going to the multiplayer.


Despite the price and the progression, it does not change the final verdict of this EVE Valkyrie review. EVE Valkyrie is almost flawless and is a great addition to the PSVR lineup. Although EVE Valkyrie is a simple game, the developers are able to maximize the features in the game. The Carrier Assault mode doubles the fun in playing Vaklyrie. In short, EVE Valkyrie is absolutely worth the money.