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BeholderReview: A Game with Unpleasant Theme


Today, we have an opportunity to review Beholder in our office. This game is pretty simplistic especially on the gameplay. You need more passion to play this game, which is only available on PC gamers. The game starts when Carl has been appointed to be the landlord of a small apartment complex in a war-torn region. He comes across with his family, a wife and two kids. Then, the drama begins when you as Carl have to manage the tenement by spying and controlling everything that may give advantage for your family. Carl is beholden to the state as well. As a concept, this game is interesting.


TheBeholder game offers a cross-section gameplay in which you can move Carl wherever you want in the tenement. You can walk around it and spy your tenants in every single second you have. There will be some quests from the states that sometimes harm or even kill your tenants. Of course, there are so many things that you can do here and see the endings. However, the odd tone of the game may force you to feel boring or tedium. Thanks to the repetition that always ask you to play it again and again. Your happy ending expectation does not exist in the game by the way. Carl is an insomniac because of some kinds of pills that were injected in his body system so that he can see through the surveillance cameras on his office. His tenants’ life is really under his control. There is a quest in which Carl should evict on of his tenants. There are several options that you can do here such as catching him committing some crimes or you framed him as the illegal drug dealers.


The graphic of Beholder is too standard for PC gamers. The characters are sketched in black skins. You just see the silhouette of them with some accessories on their body. The limited place may force you to the boredom especially when getting interaction with the tenants or residents. You are just trapped in a small apartment complex. But, we do need to appreciate the details of the game by the way.


After all, we need to conclude this game. The limited area and script repetition will reduce some points of Beholder. But, this game is good for the gamers who really want to kill their time so badly. You can learn much from the game especially when you want to be a hero who must fight his oppression in very limited ways.


Battlefield 1 Winter Update before the First Expansion Pack and Foreshadowing


Be ready for Battlefield 1 winter update. A tweet from the official account of Battlefield has showed about this update. It said that to stay tuned because the Winter update is coming now just like the real weather, which is already winter. However, this upcoming update does not seem relating to the first expansion of Battlefield 1, They Shall Not Pass. For your information, it will come right to us next month. Meanwhile, the winter update is still hanging in the wind. It means that there are no further details about this update. We predict that it will be available several days remaining.

Our Ideas

Although there is no any detail about Battlefield 1 Winter update yet, we still have some ideas about it. These ideas are what we expect for the updates.For your information, the EA DICE has launched public test servers for Battlefield this month. Everything that happened in those servers may become the main ingredients for this Winter update. According to some players, the ribbons were also tested on those servers. These ribbons refer to the experience achievements after completing some milestones during matches. The second idea to expect for the update is the maximum class rank that can be up to 50. Lastly, players are now able to vote for the next map that they want to play at the end of a match. For further details, you can read the patch notes.

Why it Matters

The Battlefield 1 Winter update is a quick update from the developers regarding to some bugs and issues. Before the developer releases the update, they have launched some public test servers. The Battlefield 1 is the latest series of Battlefield. It was released on October 21 last year for all platforms like PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 worldwide. The gameplay chooses first-person shooter. The players should do some teamwork during the matches. World War I has chosen as the setting of the game. The game has been receiving both critics and appreciations from the players. To be honest, we do enjoy this game especially when playing with our friends. Just can’t wait the next update coming up.


After all, we do need the Battlefield 1 Winter update before the first expansion will hit the Battlefield 1 on March. At least, we can imagine some foreshadows from the latest patch Battlefield 1 Fall update that was important one. We should wait it a few days left because we are now in the mid of February.