EVE Valkyrie Review: Experience a Great VR Space Combat


Numerous people who have already tested this wonderful game feel like they are not able to play any two-dimensional game ever again. In this EVE Valkyrie review, you will see how mind-blowing the game is. EVE Valkyrie lets you to play as a cloned fighter pilot for Valkyrie, a space pirate gang. When you lose your life, your consciousness is shifted to another clone. You will need a VR to play this game to amuse yourself in a real-time combat experience.

Take a look at the following EVE Valkyrie review.

EVE Valkyrie review: Pros and Cons

When talking about EVE Valkyrie, of course, VR is really used as a great gameplay device. Developers CCP Games really know the knack of a space game. The graphics are magnificent, you can look around your ship and even enemy ships. You will also feel how lasers shoot pas your cockpit. Valkyrie is a great game to play with friends since wingmen are essential in this game, unless you want to be picked off by enemy pilots in a blink of an eye. The most satisfying mode is Carrier Assault, which require you to balance raking the enemy carrier while avoiding being ruined by the enemies around you.

The major concern about EVE Valkyrie is the price. It is quite expensive for the amount of content. The game is brilliant, yet maps scattered across three modes are too expensive for the price. However, remember that you do pay for a whole different space combat experience. Another important issue to cover in this EVE Valkyrie review is the slow progress. The progression is too slow even with the in-game boosters to speed up the XP-gain.

The Three Gameplay Modes

Basically, there are three game modes: standard two-point capture, team deathmatch modes, and Carrier Assault. As mentioned before, the majority of the players favor the third mode, Carrier Assault. This mode asks pilots to knock down an enemy flagship’s shields. Capture points before you go in and thump the shields right away. Beside those modes, there are several single-player missions which you can easily finish in a few sessions before going to the multiplayer.


Despite the price and the progression, it does not change the final verdict of this EVE Valkyrie review. EVE Valkyrie is almost flawless and is a great addition to the PSVR lineup. Although EVE Valkyrie is a simple game, the developers are able to maximize the features in the game. The Carrier Assault mode doubles the fun in playing Vaklyrie. In short, EVE Valkyrie is absolutely worth the money.