Find Out What Becomes the Google New Tech Innovation

Technology is so dynamic. There will be a lot of new inventions in this era and we should make sure that we can stay update with all of the innovation. Let’s say with the existence of internet, the barriers are break up. The internet leads to many kinds of new inventions around us. It seems like internet is such a gate for a new invention time. In this case, Google as one of the biggest leading company in internet source always try to find out many kinds of new inventions. Here are some of the Google new tech innovation that you need to know to stay update with the recent changes.

The first innovation from Google new tech innovation is BigDogs& Atlas. Have you ever heard about this before? This is a newcomer for the Google invention. After the Boston Dynamics in 2013, Google unveiled its new dog like robot with the name of Spot. It created for the use of rough terrain and also inside buildings usage. It can wooded hills, run, climbs stairs, or even standing too. Then, the second innovation from Google is Glucose contact lense. Recently Google designed contact lens that has the feature to measure or to determine the level of glucose that in tears of diabetics, like the device  of Band-Aid to be used in the skin and to send the measurement of blood-sugar to a smartphone.

The next innovation from Google new tech innovation is home networking. Do you know about this before? This is such a networking especially related to the internet connection that can be linked to every spot of the home. Let’s say it can be monitor the WI-Fi channels around your house and it will enable you to have the systematic and the synchronal work for every aspect that you want to do in your home with the help of the technology from Google. The other innovation is the no one driving car. Well, commonly here we know that car should be driven so that it can work normally. But here Google has invented the Car that does not need to be operated or to be driven. Are you shocked knowing this kind of condition? It is real and it will be practical for you to have the good transportation solution for anyone who wants to have the easy vehicles. Well, those are some new inventions from Google.